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Evolutionary Leaders
It is time to Stop Hiding and Shine

  • ·Access Your Voice and Message
  •  Unwind family and cultural programming and hidden sabotage and access your unique sovereign information​.
  •  Learn how to turn your sensitivity to a super power.
  •  Understand your unique role in humanity's  evolution.
  •  Create course content from soul wisdom that nourishes you.
  • ·Develop certainty, confidence and deep trust in your body of work.
  • ·Separate your wise internal teacher from the false one. 
  • ·Activate Passion, purpose and commitment to meet your goals.
  • ·Integrity Marketing and Enrollment for financial sustainability.

Ask the people I've already coached
Don’t take my word for it: here’s what some of my clients say:

Working with Solara has radically transformed my life and I would not have been able to realize my potential in such a short time without her.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.  "

Solara is a miracle

Peter Murakami,   Accupuncturist,  Maui Hawaii

Nancy Zamerowski,   CEO Yellow Seed, Boulder. CO

Nancy Carroll, Technology Specialist Pleasent Hill , CA

Atasia Furgeson, Dance Instructor,  Los Angeles , CA

Lauren A. Photography Designer.  Los Angeles, CA

JP Electrical Engineer, Richmond, CA

Best Coach I have Ever worked With

Intensely powerful work

I Highly Recommend This!

It' Really Possible to Get Ahead

"I highly recommend working with her to break through long standing patterns that need transformation.".

"The program goes more quickly to the root or core of what you need to heal."

"The work is deep and gets to the roots of your real issues."

"I would definitly recommend her if you are looking to progress to the next level."

Lifecycle of Your Work as a Global Success 
Access your voice and message, get it to a global audience and financially thrive.

Sovereign Source Vision 

+Access Sovereign Soul Level Information & Voice

+Connect With your Spiritual Support Team

+Develop Internal wise teacher.


+Find your Passion

+Activate Your Purpose

+ Anchor your Commitment

+Develop your Unique 6 Figure Brand and Image

+Chart a path of Joy& Sanity through the Marketing Maze

+Develop High quality Leads and Easy Conversion


+Develop your course

+Understand the right platform and delivery For your Success

+Avoid the pitfalls of going at it on your own

+Full-filling Social Media marketing.


Global Delivery

Develop Your Course

Share your Wisdom, be a Global Leader & Evolve the Planet

Frequently Asked Questions 

Feel free to contact me if your question is not here.

What if I dont have a business or a class yet and I am unsure of what I want?

This system is perfect for those who are building their body or work and getting their confidence together as well as experienced coaches who want to refine and get a full streamlined operation from start to finish including video, website, social media and lots of deep support..


Do I get 1-1 personalized coaching or just online teachings?


You get 1-1 customized support for your unique life, challenges and gifts.  I have helped people for over 20 years and with experience comes success.




How soon can I expect to be making money?



It depends on your motivation, but you can be making money from your online school or business within a few months of completing the program.





Do I need to quit my job to do this program or build my own online program?




No.  The program easily fits in your schedule so you can build your online business or school while you are still working and transition when you feel comfortable and financially supported.



What are you waiting for? 
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Your privecy is my priority, I hate spammers too.

Mission Statement


  "After 20 years of working with sensetive and gifted clients and students, I have seen what brings personalized lasting success for those overwhelmed by the world.

  Evolutionary Leaders Thrive is a program that helps highly sensetive healers, artists, coaches and entreprenuers acess thier voice and message, get it to a global stage and financially thrive.

  Our secialization is individuals that feel called to steward the next step of evolution on this planet as each person has a valuable message that will help raise humanities consciousness.

  Often those that are highly sensetive have the most to share, but their voice and message can get shut down due to lack of support, belonging and overwhelm.  It's my life's mission to get these consciousness raising messages to a global stage.

  In these often chaotic times we must rise as a unified light force  of truth and knowledge against the ignorance and destruction.

  I am grateful to be doing this with you as we win when YOU win  because WE are the New Leaders of humanities future."

 I Highly Recommend the Work!

" In one individual session with Solara there was more palpable shifts and changes that with any of my other treatments."

   Our Mission is to support emerging new world leaders who feel called to steward the awakening of the collective consciousness on this planet.  At Sovereign Source Wisdom School we specialize in helping highly sensetive healers, coaches, lightworkers and entreprenuers to find thier voice and message, reach a global audience with thier teachings and financially thrive.

   Our Mission is to help those who have great wisdom for the collective find thier voice and access thoer soul message they came here to share and connect thiem to thier unique soul support linage who is tasked to bring them to ultimate success. 

   The Mission focuses on highly sensetive indivuduals as they are often tunned into the collective and evoltion here in a unique way and can get shut down by empathic overload, laack of support and overwhelm.

  Highly sensetive people are often also highly gifted and we are committed to helping visionary leaders share thier wisdom and thrive!

     Solara Founder of Sovereign                     Source Wisdom School

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Sovereign Source Wisdom School

Evolutionary Leaders

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